Getting A Home Appraised Before You Buy

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In real estate marketing today, we are facing terrible times specifically with the bizarre amount of foreclosures occurring there is an abrupt need to reevaluate the equal market value of property and also the current enviroment of the property.

Recently, there have been a few adjustments within the real estate appraisal idustry such as a mandate for lenders to use appraisal management companies, for example LVJ Appraisal Management Company, by 2009.

Our company takes a stride forward by offering a combined service of appraising and inspecting the property. Appraiser's survey the assess of the property opposing a home inspector observe and report the rank of the property.

Regardless the buyer generally pays for the appraisal, it is by law the property of the lender and abide with that loan file for the duration of that loan even if it's sold on the secondary money market.

Warnings have been said in the past and as a result there are some appraisers that inflate the value of the property. LVJAMC workers' appraiser's with an unbiased approach so that the integrity of that appraisal will remain even after the loan has been sold.

LVJAMC also has certified home inspectors that will thoroughly check all the systems of the home and recommend the necessary repairs.

We take a twofold approach that exceeds today's standards, and we do it without any conflict of interest: an appraisal has to do with the loan and is required by the lender before making the loan on the property compared to the home inspection being something that is usually requested by a home owner, buyer, or agent .